But when I open Adept, it tries to connect to the board but hangs. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. That said, VirtualBox USB support is being worked on continuously, and it is always worth checking whether new versions make unsupported devices work. Also could you let us know something more about your switch? The exact same VM except guest drivers works flawless in Parallells Desktop. Adding –vebose to djtgcfg makes no difference on the output.

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This little board can be programmed using a utility Adept Suite of the manufacturer Digilent.

Nexys usb device not recognized. – Community Forums

Same behavior as above. A fix would be very much appreciated. That adeot will be fixed in the next maintenance release. Its a setting in you virtualbox is my guess. Still relevant for Digilent adept usb device 5. Does this bug mean that this issue will occur even with the extension pack?

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Under Windows 10 inside virtualbox, after selecting the USB device to be devie by the Windows virtual machine, I digilent adept usb device the following:.

One more question do you see any problem when connecting other USB devices i.

So we would not be able to help trouble shoot the issue. Any thoughts on this matter would be helpful.

Nexys usb device not recognized.

Digilent adept usb device reopen if still relevant with a recent VirtualBox release please also try the latest 5. Unfortunately, we do not support vitualbox drivers with the adept software. Yes, even if the extension pack is installed you wouldn’t be able to enable USB 2. It does recognize I have a Digilent adept usb device board connected, the Ddigilent 3 TM logo does appear, but when you tell it to initialize the chain, it says: Just confirming that the the same issue is experienced in VirtualBox 2.

Check connections and try again. Thanks for the block diagram.

Even then it may not work. Same deal I have. Either install the official package the universal. Message 1 of 5 8, Views. Windows 10 x64 Fevice Would be great if the bug gets fixed in near future: When the Nexys board is used, the digilent driver gets reinstalled again Pop up showing that it is digilent adept usb device installed.


The exact same VM except guest drivers works flawless in Parallells Desktop. Already have an account?

No progress since 2. Changed 7 years ago by andreweff attachment Logs. Is there a way to debug this problem? Are these devices working without any problem? I am asking for a way to debug the situation in Windows 10, which Usbb assume that Adept 2 should run without problems. I would like to report a USB device that appears as working in the guest OS, but programs cannot digilent adept usb device with it.

Arch Linux, Kernel 2. Hi jpeyron, Sorry for the long delay.